The Deep State

for double bass and electronics

Premiered by Scott Worthington, Saturday, March 18th, 2017, 8pm
Boston Court Performing Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA


On one level, The Deep State is inspired by the music of Pauline Oliveros and Eliane Radigue, both
pioneering composers of electronic music who use glacial rates of change to invite deep contemplation.
This piece is “about” both the necessity and seeming impossibility of this kind of contemplation in our…
current situation. On a more paranoid, conspiracy-minded level, it is also “about” invisible forces acting
beyond our purview or control, both internal and external, literal and figurative. The Deep State is
dedicated to Scott Worthington, with whom this piece was conceived through close collaboration over
several conversations and rehearsals. Without his insight and input, this piece would not exist. -IS


For a full score and electronics patch, contact the composer.