Mobile I

for violin and electronics

Commissioned by Andrew Tholl
Premiered October 17th, 2009, South Pasadena Public Library, Los Angeles, CA
Finalist, ASCAP/SEAMUS Student Composition Competition


Mobile I is a work for solo violin and live electronics. It is an audio analogue of a sculptural mobile, in that it has many “moving parts,” but any given configuration of the parts is still recognizable as the same structure.

The electronic output is derived from an ongoing spectral analysis of the violinist’s performance. The violinist acts as a demiurge, igniting the initial spark of electronic sound. However, as the piece progresses, the results of the analysis are partially fed back into the system to be analyzed again, eventually resulting in a self-sustaining cascade of sounds that is unpredictable on the micro (note) level, yet consistent on the macro (texture) level.

Similarly, the violinist’s part has a degree of indeterminacy and agency. Parameters left to the discretion of the performer include number of some repetitions, duration of some rests, method of producing unpitched sounds, and movement in space.


For full score and electronics patch, contact the composer.

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