Praise for Because Patterns:

"Beautiful, algorithmic, organic, dystopian" - I Care If You Listen

"The entire album is remarkable listening and represents a new benchmark" - Sequenza21

"Ambitious and encompassing... noteworthy for blending so deftly acoustic playing and electronic elements." - textura

"Unique and thought-provoking, Schankler’s voice needs to be heard." - Fanfare Magazine

"Engaging melodic logic and compelling rhythmic propulsion" - Avant Music News

"The music grew on me util I looked forward to another spin. It is music that provokes and takes you on a traveling movement, a sojourn" - Gapplegate Music Review

"One of the most striking things was how deeply embedded the solo performers are... a complex piece which demands the listener’s attention but ultimately rewards" - New Music Buff

"Temos neste registro um ótimo exemplo da mais atual e pós moderna combinação de atmosferas eletrônicas com a timbrística natural dos instrumentos clássicos." - Freak and Free Jazz

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